Spoon Fed

The Collect 

15 April, 6pm
Spoon Fed is a simple soup supper + independent micro-funding scheme for creative projects.

Image Credit: Richard Edkins

It offers a direct, uncomplicated way of engaging with Bristol’s creative community to make possible ambitious projects that might not otherwise be realised. The bimonthly events aim to develop a strong, generous and diverse network of local practitioners and audiences. Participation and discussion are key to the process.
Here’s how it works:
•Artists, writers, performers, filmmakers, musicians et al. submit proposals to be considered for funding. These will be available to view on our website in advance.
•At the event, attendees are asked to donate a minimum of £5. In return they share a simple soup meal and each receives one vote to determine who wins the grant.
•Each submission is introduced in a brief presentation to the audience.
•At the end of the evening, votes are counted. The winner receives the full amount of the evening’s donations and will be invited to present the outcomes of their project at the next event.
More information about Spoon Fed can be found here: