Kathryn Ashill
Thursday 12 April, 7pm - Opening Event 
Friday 13 & Saturday 14 April, 12 - 5pm - Installation Open

After forty years of sailing, Captain Edward John Smith was forced to order everyone to ‘Abandon Ship’ after hitting an iceberg on April 14th 1912. The Titanic sank two hours and forty minutes later, plunging 1500 people to a watery grave.

ABANDON SHIP! is an installation by Cardiff based artist Kathryn Ashill, which explores the tragic sadness of a sinking vessel and the urgency of having to jump ship.

You and your guests are invited to a commemorative event on Thursday 12th of April 2012, 7pm, which will mark the centenary of the Titanic’s historic demise. 

Visit Kathryn's website here: www.kathrynashill.com