Final Open Studio Event | Bronze Pouring

Last chance to come and see Jo & Emma in their residency space at Stapleton Road Tavern this Saturday 9th June, 12-5pm
Bronze pouring at 3pm

Getting ready for bronze pouring:  picture shows pieces in mid stage of making ceramic shell for bronze casting.

This will be the final event, in a series of Open Studios, which reveal the workings of Emma and Jo's casting processes.  In the last 3 months they have been making good use of the space to explore and develop their practice.  Jo has made some fantastic work in tree sap, whilst Emma has developed skills in making complicated moulds. They have also both worked together, to develop their understanding of the Wax inversion technique for Bronze casting.  They have succeeded in casting several pieces and are now working on a another set of sculptures.  For this open studio Emma and Jo will be doing a bronze pouring, where you will see how they melt the bronze to pour into ceramic moulds. This pouring is the exciting culmination of a long and fairly complicated process.  We hope you will join the artists to share this moment.

For more information about Emma and Jo's residency please click here.