SRT Artist Residency

Emma Jean Kemp & Jo Lathwood

March - June
Open Studio Events: 17 March, 21 April, 12 May, 26 May,
9 June, all 12 - 5pm

Both Emma and Jo's arti
stic practices are process led exploring ways to work with materials. During the SRT Artist Residency Emma will be developing techniques with silicone mould making as well as casting with polyester resin. Jo will explore casting tree sap on a large scale and experiment with finishes, colours, and its resistance as a sculptural material. 

Join the artists for their Open Studio events at Stapleton Road Tavern to see how they are getting on!

For more information about the project, please click on the link below:
Resident Tavern blog - www.residenttavern.tumblr.com

Emma Jean Kemp

"I am driven by the process of making. My current practice focuses on exploring casting techniques to make figurative sculptures.I pay attention to detail to create realistic and evocative figures, which explore the inherent aspects of being human. These sculptures capture unusual and intriguing stances of figures in moments of action or reflection. I am currently experimenting with the casting process, which has numerous approaches and techniques, to explore different finishes. The texture of the final piece is inherent to my practice, creating dynamic artworks that reveal my workings into the clay." 
Emma Jean Kemp, February 2012
Visit Emma's website here: www.emmajeankemp.com

Jo Lathwood

"Play is essential to my development and work. My practice commonly aims to describe an emotional state through a physical space or object. Inspired by a meditation between simple natural beauty and the complex relationship we have with nature, I strive to create works that engage the audience through a common memory. The consideration of the audience’s response, reaction and position regularly determines how my work will be constructed and installed.  I believe art should be accessible to everyone, so through my work I strive to build layers of meaning that can be understood by a wide demographic. For me, art is an education of ideas that you would not consider in your day to day." 
Jo Lathwood, February 2012.

Visit Jo's website here: www.jolathwood.co.uk